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The only medical device that detects and alerts of infection in real-time


About Us

An Entrepreneurial Student-led Initiative

BioAlert Technologies is on a mission to develop methodologies that detect infection in real-time. We are a development stage medical device company dedicated to the design and production of continuous infection monitoring (CIM) systems for diabetic foot ulcer patients. BioAlert Technologies enables healthcare providers to make diagnosis and treatment decisions utilizing reliable data metrics. 

Our product features a user-friendly, dual-platform software solution. We enable patients to be notified of an infection through a mobile app on their IOS or Android Device and provide physicians with a detailed bacterial analysis which allows them to make more informed clinical decisions.

With our solution, we can eliminate the higher cost associated with serious complications due to infection and improve the quality of life for all of our target patients. 

Our Technology

Continuous Monitoring

Infection Identification

Early Detection Alert

Specialized Treatment

Our proprietary technology provides value to all key stakeholders in the healthcare system. We allow patients to go about their lives worry-free while we provide 24/7 monitoring which notifies patients upon infection.


Our Team

Marc Rosenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Blatt

Chief Information Officer

Soleil Valentin-Carrero

Head of Research & Development

Stephen McKenna

Regulatory Strategist

Johnny Forde

Chief Technical Officer

Gerard Hoeltzel

Clinical Strategist

Advisors:  Alexander Cameron, Dr. David Armstrong, Dr. Francis Barany, Dr. Thomas Schaer, Dr. Vaishali Inamdar,

Jeffrey BabinJohn H. Klein, Sevile Mannickarottu

Interns: Anika Bull, Avery Hoffman, Jacob Karsch, Matthew Steinberg


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